Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's a day to document. 1/11/11. It's #1 x 5, so it's gotta be good.

The day started out with triathlon training at 6am at Elevate. 

Hitting the pool when it is -8F outside, now doesn't that sound like fun?
Actually it is, cause I train with my friend Marie and my coach Greg, and the pools at Elevate are around 
80 degrees. It's the getting out of the pools and getting into my frigidly frozen car with soaking wet hair that I dread. It's now 12:30pm and I am finally warm.

Today marks day 9 of my detox diet. I came home from the holidays feeling so overly filled to the brim with junk. Though I tried to get in my daily exercise, I pretty much let loose on the food consumption, thinking to myself, I'm on holiday. Well, we got home on Sunday night and after I swallowed my last Hot Tamale, which are a weakness of mine, I felt so horrible and so unlike my usual self. I decided, OK girl, it's time for a detox!

I start the day with warm water and the juice of half of a lemon. It hydrates me and gives me a great dose of vitamin C. 

I then go and get a good sweat on, either biking, running or swimming. 

Then I bring out my little long lost friend...The Juiceman Jr., It's not fancy, but he's doing a great job of providing me with my breakfast (or dinner sometimes).
My favorite juice concoction for the morning includes:

2 apples
1 carrot
1 lemon peeled
1cup spinach
1/2 inch chunk of ginger
All organic, that's super important!

I have tons of herbal tea and pure filtered water through out the day.

For lunch, it's usually some greens, quinoa, and either organic grilled chicken or fish. 

My mid meals are usually tea and a handful of nuts or an avocado.

For dinner, it's homemade soup or juice.
Butternut squash baked and diced
2 green apples peeled and chopped
2 celery stalks chopped
1/4 c pinenuts
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/4 C fresh tarragon
4-5 C pure filtered water

Throw it in the blender and presto. Mmm Mmm Good!

Before I go to bed I swallow down 2 TBS of virgin olive oil. Yep, that's right.

I'm also only using natural soaps and toothpaste and giving my self a good charcoal soap body brush down each day and lathering on the virgin coconut oil to keep me, oh so soft, in this Utah climate.

I'm feeling great. As of yesterday I have dropped 6 pounds. Not usually something I recommend to my clients to do in a week, but as a temporary cleanse, it's perfectly healthy.
One week down, two more to go!

It's also an extra added bonus that the day I started the detox, we started our Elevate Weigh OFF! 

We all pitched in $50. 
We weigh in each Monday...
You gain, you pay $5
You maintain, you pay $2.50
You lose, you pay Nada.
So, each week, hopefully the pot grows and at the end of 6 weeks, winner takes it all!

I'm pretty much kickin' butt and in the lead. Hello new bike!!! (fingers crossed!!)

Some New Years Resolutions this year include:

Starting an outdoor "Fresh Air Fitness" group
Starting a book club or creativity group
(Hint: looking for friends to play with...anyone?)
Write more on this blog and get other family members to contribute as well.
Spend more time creating, less time wasted
Take my savings envelopes for a bike, vacations, Tuck's mission and deposit them in a real savings account
Study, really study, the New Testament
Go camping more and show my kids and hubby the beautiful state of Utah
Learn photography
Do the Boise Half-Iron man and get ready for the Florida Iron-man
Play more games
train our dogs
Park my car in the garage

11 is thought to be a very lucky number. This is our year people. So far so good.

Happy New Year!

By the way, have you ever used an ear candle...talk about family fun!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh what a year!

Sanders Family lived it right in 2010!
It's impossible to capture everything, but here are a few of the highlights...and the memories we actually took pictures of. 

We added another girl to the family...KURRI!

First Family Picture in 2010...Tucker!!!!
This one of the activities that got us through the long winter. I love snowshoeing! 

But, this was by far our favorite activity to get us through the never ending freeze! unfortunately not all of my pictures loaded...but you get the idea.  MAUI!
First race of the season. The Timpanogas Trail Marathon. I finished with my favorite "Survivor" Tyson!

One of Tucker's many shows with his band Red & The Rovers
Family Trip to Carlsbad for my Wrigley Family reunion.
End of the summer trip to Grass Valley and to the Nevada County Fair.
Best at Fair! Right?
Red Rock Relay 2010. Best Costume Award! "US FIGURE SKATING TEAM
The Grace and magnificence!
Yet another race, but this time we really got down and dirty with our  friends Casey, Ryanne, and Tyler!
The camping trailer!
I spent probably everyday up at the Heber Skate park with Tucker through the month of September soaking up the sun. This represents me driving him up and the the powers of the wizard and the BIG GUY on Tuck. Well, that's my interpretation.
Tucker turned 18! We threw him a surprise party in our backyard.
My sister-in-law Darcie Sanders of Pink Peach Cakes designed the sweet replica of Tucker's drum set as a scrumptious cake!
Ok, favorite picture! It makes my giggle every time I see it! I love each of our personalities shining through!

Sanders Family 2010 Reunion at Disneyland, pretty sweet!
Day after Thanksgiving...or the first day of the Christmas holiday, was begun with another run. But, this one was through the streets of our beloved town and complimented with milk and cookies handed out by Santa's elves.
Sadey has been dancing on the Timpview H.S. J.V. Ballroom team.
If you ask me, I think she steals the show everytime!
E4 4Life! She is on the team with friends from our ward (The Edgemont 4th Ward) Tara and Alex.
Capturing our past  and present has been of new importance to us this year. I guess with Tucker turning 18 and Sadey almost 16, it's making us realize how fast time goes by. Can I go back please and relive all of the many memories I have of being a young wife and mom? Maybe I will! Maybe next year instead of moving onto the next year, I'll go back to 1992!
But today the last day of  2010, let me just say.....HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours, live it right and have tons of FUN!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catch- up with the Crazies

Well, it seems like Tucker's accident pretty much sped up life (with me) and slowed it down ( for Tucker) all at once.

Let's catch up, shall we?

Dazed and Confused!

Tucker at the Dr. Allemans to help him with his whiplash.

Tucker basically laid in bed for three weeks. So not fun! But, definitely very needed. 
He did get very bored and somehow talked me into letting him do this:
Meet Ponyboy!
Oh, entertainment galore!

It was fun for about two hours and then he begged me to go and get some black hair dye. All better!

The week before Thanksgiving Trevor and I signed up to do three races, but only ended up doing two. The first one was an Indoor Sprint Triathlon at ELEVATE:
Elevate Fitness

Getting ready to start!
Me in the swim.

Me on the ride.

 Trevor placed 5th for Men (1:11:27) and I placed 2nd for women (1:09:33)
Trev on the bike
Riding 13 miles
Running the 5K

The next race was suppose to be the Human Race 5K
We woke up, put on our clothes turned on the news and saw that it was 5 degrees outside with a windchill of -15 degrees brrrrr!!! 
So just picture us crawling right back into bed until it was time to head up to Lissy and Mark's for the Pre-Thanksgiving Feast Breakfast, ad perusing, cooking, napping, snacking on Chex Mix, eating the Actual Feast (notice the healthy dishes that were served), and then we hurried off to Harry Potter while we tried to digest enough to make some room for PIE and some games that Trev was getting a little competitive with, weird huh? He never does that !
Sadey makes a nice pillow.
Lissy always makes every holiday the best!
The beautiful feasting table.
Green beans with sea salt and fresh parmesan.
Sweet potatoes with sea salt, and real maple syrup.
Fresh cranberry sauce.
Pillsbury rolls, I had great intentions, but not enough time. :)
At Harry Potter. Trev and I look like bro and sis. a little scary!
Tucker and Sadey entranced.
Ticket to Ride Game.
Me winning. Trev, so happy for me!

The next day was our third race (really second completed)
Provo City's 5K Santa Run:
Santa Trevor
Santa Sadey
At the starting line.
At the finish line.
Good times. Merry Christmas! Hohoho!

Super fun, not our best time as far as speed goes, we stopped for milk and cookies that were being passed out along the race course by Santa's Elves, and pretty much just enjoyed being together, the surroundings and the spectators.

On Saturday, we turned on Mindy Smith's "My Holiday" Christmas CD and we put up our Christmas tree, stockings and decor. We decided to go a little more simple this year. We only put up one tree and just a few of our favorite decorations. It feels nice and warm but still open and airy.

Then the boys had Curt and his kids over to watch the BYU Men's basketball game. Sadey and I headed over to ELEVATE so that I could run on the treadmill for 2 hours, I had a goal of burning 1000 calories, and Sadey curled up on the massage chair and read her new book almost cover to cover.

Then a week of feasting and pushing my body ended up becoming this for about a week.

But, never fear, the dead have risen....
Tucker went back to school and I am back at it with work, training for the Boise Half Iron Man in June, Young Women's and planning and attending all of the fun Christmas parties!!!
Kerry's dream table and chairs, we figured that if we took her picture near them, they will someday be hers. There was actually a lamp and a clock that I really would like, but no picture with me and these items, so I guess it's not meant to be.

And as an extra bonus, My sister Kerry came in town for a total of less than 24 hours. We lunched and shopped and then sent her on her way again. Love her and miss her like crazy.
 Thank goodness I'll see her in a few more weeks!!!

Now you know.
Peace Out.