Monday, November 1, 2010

Make your own fun regularly.

So, my biggest motivating factor in life is FUN! My life isn't always fun, but the way I get through the un-fun moments is to think of all the fun I'm going to have as soon as I figure out how to have fun doing whatever it is that I'm doing.

For instance, exercising...can be fun. If you know how to switch it up. People always ask me what are you training for. I always have some kind of race coming up, but that's usually not what I'm training for. I'm training for life. I know that the more active I am, the more living in my life I'll be blessed to have. So, I try to figure out ways to work up a good sweat doing things that feel like play. If I thought that working out meant getting on a treadmill and running at the same pace everyday of my life, running, running , but getting no where, I'd say, "shoot me now!"Here is a list of things that I will be doing this week, that actually count as exercise:

Trail running- I'm so lucky to have several trail heads just minutes from my house, but sometimes I drive to a good trail I know about. It's always worth the effort and feels like a treat.

Hiking-Sometimes a trail just isn't fun to run, so changing the outing to mean hiking takes care of that.

Yoga- I have a studio near my house that I can run, bike or board to, which absolutely ups the fun-factor of getting there, but I also just love the time I'm in a class. Being surrounded by such positive people all doing their best, working at their own level is amazing.

Rock Climbing- I have just recently started doing this again, and I mean just started, I've only been once with my daughter Sadey and my friend Lindsay, but we're hoping to make "Ladies Night" at The Quarry a Thursday night tradition. Perhaps Trevor will want to join me too. We first met climbing some rocks.

I feel great if I can get in 60 minutes of exercise a day. I'm much more fun to be around when I do. I am always looking for friends to join me, the more the merrier! If you're interested, let me know.

Have a Fun and Active day!

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