Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sadey Behind the Wheel

I took Sadey to the DMV yesterday to pick up a Utah Driver Handbook. 

Just thought I'd let you know.

She asked if she could practice her driving skills, 
and so it begins. 
My heart pounded so hard it totally gave me away...I am not the super cool Mom that can sit back and just let her kids experience the freedom that the open road provides.

There is just something terrifying about putting your most prized possession behind the wheel of a very large, powerful, dangerous, and expensive possession, and just letting go. 
So, we stayed in a church parking lot.

But, actually she did a great job. I didn't like it when she went more than 5 mph, but she made smooth turns, parked between the lines, backed up without hitting anything. 
So, on about her 10th time around the church, I surprised her, and myself, by telling her to actually go out into the real world. She had a little panic when another car was coming at her...on their side of the road, but she gave them PLENTY of room and made it to a stop sign, made a right turn, and then a left turn into another parking lot, and then perfectly parked the car. 

My mom was way cooler about letting me drive. At least I didn't notice her body completely tense up and see her hands gripping anything that she could just to hold on to dear life. 

I think it's because, I actually was really great at driving when I was 15. 
I remember, she took me to a church parking lot, let me do my thing, was impressed, and then proclaimed that she was the most incredible driving teacher to ever be in existence.

I remember my brother-in-law Tom and my sister Kerry, who were there when we got back, just smiling and nodding their heads yes, but not saying more, because they knew that I had been taking my parents car out for joy rides since
I was 12 years old.

Um, I wonder?



  1. You started a blog!! YAY!!! This just made my day. I just think you are so incredibly darling, and now I get to read about you all the time. Love it. Of course you can post my blog post on the PHITpro website. You're the best Cody!! xoxoxo

  2. Yea! A follower!!! Love you Megan!

  3. No WAY... Sadey, just curl up with a good book in the safety of your home! There is nothing out there worth driving to get to... Did that work? I didn't think so. :) Our little Sadey is not so very little, and our very competent Sadey will be a good driver. (ahhh,deep sigh, more sand through that hourglass for sure)